A Rich History & Culture

Travel Through Time

The area along the Missouri River is a treasure trove of historical landmarks, cultural sites, memorials, Native American traditions and more—not to mention Interpretive Centers dedicated to Lewis and Clark as they made their legendary expedition up the river.

Interpretive Centers Include:

  • The Lewis and Clark Lake Regional Visitor Center near Yankton is where you'll find the story of the Calumet Bluff Council and the Upper Missouri native people.
  • The Lewis and Clark Information Center in Chamberlain is built on the site of the Corps of Discovery camp. Here you can climb aboard a replica of the 55-foot keelboat used by the expedition.
  • The Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre is where you'll find an original Jefferson Peace and Friendship Medal that Lewis and Clark presented to tribes they met along the way.
To learn more about Lewis and Clark, and discover places to visit while following the trail, visit Lewis & Clark Country.

Native American History

Rich, Native American history weaves its way through the area, where six of the nine South Dakota tribes currently border the river banks. A few of the highlights include a replica of an actual Arikara lodge near Gettysburg, the Akta Lakota Museum at the St. Joseph Indian School in Chamberlain and the Sacagawea and Sitting Bull monuments near Mobridge.

From the Native American Scenic Byway (Highway 50 and BIA 47) cutting through the heart of the Lakota Sioux Nation to scattered pioneer villages and homesteads, visitors can take a journey of discovery when they follow the river across South Dakota.