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Fishing/Hunting Report


September 22, 2014

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Temperatures this week start with the 70s and 80s. What a perfect time to be out on the river! The Corps is letting lots of water out of the dams, so there should be an aggressive bite before long!

Reminder: Pheasant hunting season is coming up soon! Season starts October 18 and runs through January 4, 2015! For all your fishing & hunting information go to!


Lake Oahe

In the Pollock area fishing is a little slower, but consistent when it’s not windy. But anglers are catching some fish. There have been changes to the weather patterns and that always has an effect on fishing. They are looking for fall fishing to be excellent.  Anglers are using minnows, crawlers and flicker shads in around 15 to 30 foot depths.

At Mobridge – fishing is incredible right now in the Grand River and north of town. Anglers have to work for their limits. Anglers are fishing in 10-20 feet using bouncers and minnows, or jigs and minnows. Good numbers coming in and the fish are looking really good.

At Akaska  fishing has been slower and can be hit and miss, but the quality of fish coming in is good.  Best fishing has been way up in the Moreau, in the right place at the right time. Most presentations are working, with anglers using bottom bouncers and spinners minnows in 20-30 feet of water.

At Gettysburg the fishing is fair. Fish are more spread out, which is typical of fall fishing.  Anglers are using live bait in around the 20-40 feet. Smallmouth bass are hitting off the rocky points. Nice walleye are being caught around Sutton Bay with anglers pulling plugs. Northern pike and catfish are also being caught.

Around Spring CreekCow Creek  the fishing is good in the Cheyenne and Minneconjou areas in 14-40 feet. Anglers are using a variety of live bait on Lindys, spinners and a few jigs. Bushs’, Little Bend, and Sutton Bay are areas that are picking up. Chinook Salmon are hitting around the intakes of the Oahe Dam and they are going okay. Not fast and furious, but the salmon that have been caught are little butterballs. They are catching them in 80-120 feet on herring and squid. Fall fishing looks like it will be excellent.

Don’t forget there are smallmouth bass in Oahe and they are going really well right now. In addition, you can catch white bass, catfish and northern!! These fish are plentiful for anglers that want to target them.

Lake Sharpe

The Corps is running a lot of water out right now, so fishing at the tailrace from boats is good, using both artificial and live bait. Remember – the water by the dam is very turbulent when this much is coming out – so please wear life jackets. Live bait is working on Sharpe as are crankbaits against and across the current. West Bend and Joe Creek are a bit slower right now.

 Around West Bend and Joe Creek fish are being caught in around 15-20 feet. Around Pierre anglers are fishing in 7-20 feet using a variety of live bait and crankbaits. Actually from the Oahe Dam to Pierre and Fort Pierre and down to West Bend and farther down the reservoir the fishing can be good – depending on the fronts and the weather.

Northern, catfish, smallmouth bass, and white bass are all going well right now and we would suggest you target those fish also! It’s less crowded in the middle of the week – you might want to think about coming out at that time to avoid the crowds.

Francis Case

 Around Chamberlain , anglers are using a variety of bait with fish being caught in around 20-35 feet – fish are deeper here as in most areas and are spreading out.  Minnows and crawlers are still working the best.

In the Platte area fishing is fair to good on some days, but anglers are certainly catching fish.  Most are using Lindy rigs and crawlers or minnows. Most bait is still working here. Depth is around 20 - 35 feet. You also have the chance to catch walleye, bass, catfish and northern.

At the PickstownWagnerLake Andes  fishing is fair and most are coming in with two to four walleye per boat. Anglers are catching fish in around 20 feet using crawlers and minnows.  It’s about 50/50 on the crawlers and minnows right now. From North Wheeler to Whetstone they are seeing lots of bait fish and the water is right at 69 degrees. The water is high on Francis Case. Bonus fish are biting too – white bass, smallmouth, catfish, blue gill and perch are all waiting for you to pull them in the boat! And, with the cooler weather coming in you might just hear the bugle of an elk in this area if you’re close to the west side of the river!

Below the Fort Randall Dam - the Corps is letting a lot of water out. The fishing seems to be spotty at this time, but should pick up with the water flow.  

On the Missouri River around Yankton, fishing is going well. Shore fisherman are catching walleye, catfish and northern below the dam. Boat fishermen are catching walleye, catfish and northern by jigging in the fast water.

Lake Yankton reports small Crappie and blue gill are being caught.

 Lewis & Clark Lake – walleye are biting very well. Reports indicate up near the colony in early morning and in the late evening are the best times. Anglers are using minnows, crawlers and leeches.

*Please remember that the fishing conditions on the Missouri River change constantly and this report is simply a guideline – a snapshot in time.*

For more information and up-to-the-minute reports on fishing Lake Oahe, please call West Pollock Resort, 605-889-2448; Kemnitz MoRest Motel in Mobridge at 605-845-3668. At Akaska call Akaska Bait Shop at 605-649-7847. Call Bob’s Resort at 605-765-2500 or South Whitlock Resort at 605-765-9762 in Gettysburg. On the lower end of Lake Oahe, Outpost Lodge at 605-264-5450 and Lake Oahe/Lake Sharpe call Carl’s Bait Shop at 605-223-9453. Hutch’s Guide Service at 605-220-2844. On Lake Francis Case, contact Cedar Shore Resort at 605-734-6376 or Platte Chamber of Commerce at 888-297-8175 and Circle H Motel in Lake Andes at 605-487-7652.